Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday is Pinteresting!

  I've been away for a while, busy busy and sort of in a non-blogging funk... so I'll just post some pins :)

I'm in a fall-y mood today, it's cold and raining, and I want to go home and decorate.  I also need to get some fall candles to smell "warm"... does that make sense (or should I say, "scents"?)?

Ok here they are:

Source: via Sabrina on Pinterest

 Of course, this will be a "P" and I just got a tote bag full of corks today!
(I can't drink wine as fast as I need to ge this many corks)

Source: via Kaylee on Pinterest

Because fall time, means football!

These will have to go on the buckeye platter!

I think it's time to make buckeyes and these little lovies!
Source:  Shari's Berries via Kaylee on Pinterest

Sit a few of these cuties around?  Maybe a different colored candle?

mantel decor, fall
Source: via Marna on Pinterest

And because the little bugger reminds me of autumn leaves and acorns...

Jazz hands!
Source:  500px via chris on Pinterest

Hopefully I get back into the blogger spirit, until then...

Hope everyone has a safe and happy "hump day"!