Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday is Pinteresting!

  I've been away for a while, busy busy and sort of in a non-blogging funk... so I'll just post some pins :)

I'm in a fall-y mood today, it's cold and raining, and I want to go home and decorate.  I also need to get some fall candles to smell "warm"... does that make sense (or should I say, "scents"?)?

Ok here they are:

Source: via Sabrina on Pinterest

 Of course, this will be a "P" and I just got a tote bag full of corks today!
(I can't drink wine as fast as I need to ge this many corks)

Source: via Kaylee on Pinterest

Because fall time, means football!

These will have to go on the buckeye platter!

I think it's time to make buckeyes and these little lovies!
Source:  Shari's Berries via Kaylee on Pinterest

Sit a few of these cuties around?  Maybe a different colored candle?

mantel decor, fall
Source: via Marna on Pinterest

And because the little bugger reminds me of autumn leaves and acorns...

Jazz hands!
Source:  500px via chris on Pinterest

Hopefully I get back into the blogger spirit, until then...

Hope everyone has a safe and happy "hump day"!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bandwagon... I'm jumpin' on it! (and a funny story)

I caved... I'm going to  post some pins!

For the mantel this fall??
Source: via Kaylee on Pinterest 

Ohh, buddy... Oreo rice crispy treats!
Source:  buddingbaketress via Kaylee on Pinterest

Next project for the kitchen!

kitchen starburst
Source: via Kaylee on Pinterest

Anyone want to get rid of a TON of buttons??? I'll take donations!
to do: make for dining room tree theme
Source:  tumblr via Kaylee on Pinterest

In the process
re-do the entry way??
Source:  myuncommonsliceofsuburbia via Kaylee on Pinterest
 I can't wait to wear this when it get's a tad cooler out!
Source:  polyvore via Kaylee on Pinterest

There, I did it... And I probably will continue to (Pinterest is just SO MUCH FUN!)

Real quick, funny story...  An old man just walked into our office (Soil/Water Conservation office) and said the following:

OM "Hey Lady, I got a question about a rock in my yard"
Me "Ok, I don't know how much help I'll be, I don't know much about rocks"
OM "Well, this isn't a regular rock, it's a 'meter'ite"
Me "uh huh"
OM "I know it's a 'meter' cuz rocks you find in a field are smooth and this one is rough"
Me "I see"
OM "Can you tell me what 'meter' it come from?"
Me "Jeez sir, I don't think I know, maybe you should check the historical society?"
OM "Let me tell you about my time in WWII, you young kids these days don't know how lucky you got it..."

He moved down the hallway, asking someone else about his 'meter'ite.. Lord help me when I get old and senile.  Hopefully someone will listen to all my crazy stories too.

Have a great day everyone!

Room Quasi-Makeover

So since we have been in our house, I have been longing to have a bedroom that is complete, and pretty (I think it's pretty) and comforting... I think I'm almost there?  It's comfy and I like to be there now, so that is all that matters.  It's more functional for us too, so that's a plus!  And yes, that is dark green carpet (it came with the house).  

To give you an idea: The dresser Jared is using used to be white with moon knobs on it, and we painted it.  Figured we'd wait it out to get a new perfectly matching bedroom suite when we moved out of our "starter home".  For now, it's mismatched pieces that we've attempted to join in tolerable harmony.  That's mainly because my cabinet is so heavy, the only way it's allowed to leave is through the window (according to Jared) or has to be sold with the house when we leave.  So basically, I can't get all new furniture because of that beast :(
a chair I found in a dumpster (yeah I know) recovered by the Amish... and my cabinet, which weighs about 8,000 lbs.
Jared's dresser
snuggly bed, disregard the open hamper and Sophie hair on
"her bench"

arrangement I made for Jared's dresser, gotta love stuff that can easily be dumped into a hurricane vase :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest tonight! (and a yummy creation under 200)

Is it lunchtime yet?!

Mid-Ohio FoodbankJared and I are huge (HUGE) supporters of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.  If it's a paycheck deduction or contributing to drives in our offices, we always try to give support to MOF.  We are firm believers in helping others who are less fortunate than us, that's why I am so excited to go to the Columbus Food Cart Fest tonight at the new Columbus Commons with our friends.  Not only will there be tons of awesome street food, but a portion of all vendor proceeds will go towards helping out the MOF. Awesome!  Hopefully I'll post some pictures of whatever sweet creation I indulge myself with tonight, but beware: it will probably just be a plate of vegetables.

Speaking of food... This is a little creation (not really of mine, but from Hungry Girl, with a Kaylee modification)... the FlufferNutter

I love Chocolate (it's a borderline addiction) and I also love peanut butter.  The problem, I can't eat things like Reece's or Butterfingers etc. because "regular" peanut butter makes me sick (literally, I'm allergic to the preservatives in it).  So, I get a more nutritious fix of choc and pb with the FlufferNutter.

Super easy, you just take 2 teaspoons of all natural creamy peanut butter and mix with a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff.  Slice a Deep Chocolate Vitatop in half (carefully) and smear the mixture between like a sandwich.  I like to microwave the Vitatop first for 20 seconds, then toast on light before I cut it.

The whole recipe is about 180 calories, which is not bad at all for a dessert that tastes way more sinful than it actually is!  Vitatops/Vitamuffins are pretty much a staple at our house.  Super convenient and you get 1/2 of all of your daily vitamins in 1 Vitatop!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Be Safe!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Link-Up and GIVEAWAY announcement!

Real Quickly... I wanted everyone to know that Lauren over at "Life with Lauren" won my GIVEAWAY!  Congrats!  Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who entered the contest!  Keep an eye out for more GIVEAWAYS in the future!

Now... on to the Link-Up!  Today I am linking up with Cmae for another installment of Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Today's Link-Up features funny photos of our fur babies!  Now, I have a fur baby, Sophie, and many of you have probably seen many pictures of her, I will post one today.  But, many of you may not know of my OTHER fur babies, the buns.  I feel like I don't give them enough exposure on here, so, even though they aren't pups, I'm going to post a funny picture of them too (just so they don't feel left out).

Sophers loves to snuggle and she loves to laugh.  Any type of belly rubs or snuggle-wrestles really get her going.  I like this pictures because it really shows off her goofiness.  There were WAY too many funny pictures of her to pick from, so I had Jared round up one of his faves.

This is Lolly (L) and Leo (R).  This was taken at Grandma's house.  They were cold.  Lolly is a freckled mini-lop and Leo is a lionhead.  They are litter box trained and live in a condominium together where they munch, snuggle, and thump, and do bunny flops.  We let them out to watch tv and run around like maniacs, often being pestered by Soph.

Hope you all enjoyed the couple pictures of my babies, they make me so happy.  Love from your pet is unconditional, and to them, you are the most important thing in the world.  Make sure to give your pet a little extra love when you get home tonight to show them how much you really care.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why can't it be fall already?!

JUST A REMINDER...  If you have not yet entered my GIVEAWAY from last week, do so now!
I will be drawing the name of the winner this evening, so you have till 6p.m. to enter the contest.  Again, the GIVEAWAY is for a complete set of ALMAY Intense i-Color and a travel makeup bag.  Winner will choose which kits they'd like and provide me with their eye color for the perfect match!

Ok, now... the real post for today...

I know it isn't Friday (when everyone else posts their outfit ideas), but I wanted to show you all an outfit I REALLY want to wear!  I cannot wait until it's fall time.  I came across a version of this outfit on pinterest, but wanted to change a few things to fit my style a little better and so that I wouldn't have to go buy all the pieces to make this outfit.  I am not usually one to wear orange, but the navy and orange combo is really sparking my interest this year.  I think that since I tend to lean more toward classic styles, I will incorporate via a scarf or something.  Most of this stuff is already in my closet, I just need to pull the trigger and actually put it all together.  I think with some pearl earrings I'll be good to go?  Thoughts?


TopShop shirts blouse
$56 -

Rag Bone cordoroy jacket
$450 -

J Brand creased jeans
$195 -

Patricia Nash saddle bag
$198 -

Dorothy Perkins wood jewelry
£10 -

Rag Bone cotton shawl
$90 -

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gone Fishin'

At the Lake!

I'll be away from the computer for the weekend, at Lake Erie... getting my tan on, the jetski on, the fun on!

I hope everyone has an awesome and SAFE weekend!

By the way, check out the previous blog posting about the ALMAY Intense I-Color GIVEAWAY!  Don't forget to enter the contest, it's open until Monday August 22nd!