Friday, August 26, 2011

Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest tonight! (and a yummy creation under 200)

Is it lunchtime yet?!

Mid-Ohio FoodbankJared and I are huge (HUGE) supporters of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.  If it's a paycheck deduction or contributing to drives in our offices, we always try to give support to MOF.  We are firm believers in helping others who are less fortunate than us, that's why I am so excited to go to the Columbus Food Cart Fest tonight at the new Columbus Commons with our friends.  Not only will there be tons of awesome street food, but a portion of all vendor proceeds will go towards helping out the MOF. Awesome!  Hopefully I'll post some pictures of whatever sweet creation I indulge myself with tonight, but beware: it will probably just be a plate of vegetables.

Speaking of food... This is a little creation (not really of mine, but from Hungry Girl, with a Kaylee modification)... the FlufferNutter

I love Chocolate (it's a borderline addiction) and I also love peanut butter.  The problem, I can't eat things like Reece's or Butterfingers etc. because "regular" peanut butter makes me sick (literally, I'm allergic to the preservatives in it).  So, I get a more nutritious fix of choc and pb with the FlufferNutter.

Super easy, you just take 2 teaspoons of all natural creamy peanut butter and mix with a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff.  Slice a Deep Chocolate Vitatop in half (carefully) and smear the mixture between like a sandwich.  I like to microwave the Vitatop first for 20 seconds, then toast on light before I cut it.

The whole recipe is about 180 calories, which is not bad at all for a dessert that tastes way more sinful than it actually is!  Vitatops/Vitamuffins are pretty much a staple at our house.  Super convenient and you get 1/2 of all of your daily vitamins in 1 Vitatop!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Be Safe!

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