Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Room Quasi-Makeover

So since we have been in our house, I have been longing to have a bedroom that is complete, and pretty (I think it's pretty) and comforting... I think I'm almost there?  It's comfy and I like to be there now, so that is all that matters.  It's more functional for us too, so that's a plus!  And yes, that is dark green carpet (it came with the house).  

To give you an idea: The dresser Jared is using used to be white with moon knobs on it, and we painted it.  Figured we'd wait it out to get a new perfectly matching bedroom suite when we moved out of our "starter home".  For now, it's mismatched pieces that we've attempted to join in tolerable harmony.  That's mainly because my cabinet is so heavy, the only way it's allowed to leave is through the window (according to Jared) or has to be sold with the house when we leave.  So basically, I can't get all new furniture because of that beast :(
a chair I found in a dumpster (yeah I know) recovered by the Amish... and my cabinet, which weighs about 8,000 lbs.
Jared's dresser
snuggly bed, disregard the open hamper and Sophie hair on
"her bench"

arrangement I made for Jared's dresser, gotta love stuff that can easily be dumped into a hurricane vase :)

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