Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bandwagon... I'm jumpin' on it! (and a funny story)

I caved... I'm going to  post some pins!

For the mantel this fall??
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Ohh, buddy... Oreo rice crispy treats!
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Next project for the kitchen!

kitchen starburst
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Anyone want to get rid of a TON of buttons??? I'll take donations!
to do: make for dining room tree theme
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In the process
re-do the entry way??
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 I can't wait to wear this when it get's a tad cooler out!
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There, I did it... And I probably will continue to (Pinterest is just SO MUCH FUN!)

Real quick, funny story...  An old man just walked into our office (Soil/Water Conservation office) and said the following:

OM "Hey Lady, I got a question about a rock in my yard"
Me "Ok, I don't know how much help I'll be, I don't know much about rocks"
OM "Well, this isn't a regular rock, it's a 'meter'ite"
Me "uh huh"
OM "I know it's a 'meter' cuz rocks you find in a field are smooth and this one is rough"
Me "I see"
OM "Can you tell me what 'meter' it come from?"
Me "Jeez sir, I don't think I know, maybe you should check the historical society?"
OM "Let me tell you about my time in WWII, you young kids these days don't know how lucky you got it..."

He moved down the hallway, asking someone else about his 'meter'ite.. Lord help me when I get old and senile.  Hopefully someone will listen to all my crazy stories too.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. that fork and spoon mirror might just have to be added to my kitchen too....

  2. Welcome to Pinterest :) Addicting, right? Great pins!

    Poor old man. They do always have the best stories though :)

  3. I love that mirror with the utensils. So unique!