Friday, July 29, 2011

Today I'm doing my first link-up with Lauren!

1. My favorite color is... I have 2! BubbleGum Pink and Kelly Green

2. My travel destination of choice is... New Zealand, mountains, rain forests, farms (love all of that!)

3. My favorite food is... Pie! Any kind really, pumpkin, apple, peach, berry... except mince meat pie, I don't think anyone really likes that stuff, gross.

4. My happy place is... nuzzled up inside of Jared's "neck hole", the area between his shoulder and his head. Or maybe in a triple spoon, Jared, Me and Sophie :)

5. My favorite saying is... "Alls I got to do is keep bein' a good person. No matter what, good things'll come my way. Everything's gonna happen for me, just so long as I never have no in my heart." -Joe Dirt

6. My dirty little secret is... I eat marshmallow fluff out of the jar with a spoon (regularly).

7. Something friends might say about me is that I... am too hard on myself, I really gotta work on that.


  1. Mmm pie is delicious! I've been in the mood to make a peach pie, it's one of my favorites!

  2. warm or cold? I love both but the cold is so easy to make! nothing better than a cold peach pie and some coolwhip on a hot day!