Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Day Challenge, Day Neuf

9 Loves!

1)  I love my Husband, he's just the best :)

2)  Sophie, mah dawg, and Leo and Lolly (those are the rabbits that live in our basement... they have their own condominium down there complete with a litter box, a nest, and toys!  They like to watch TV with us, spread out on the floor, as well as to chew whatever they can get their little nibblers on)

3)  Family time.  Being with my family is the best feeling in the world. 

4)  I love to SNUGGLE!  I'm a serial snuggler, so watch out, I may just curl up next to you!

5)  I love to sleep in, which hardly EVER happens.  The few days a month I have where I can sleep till 9am and cuddle with the Hubs and the Soph in bed are the greatest.

6)  A clean house.  I have a thing for keeping things neat and tidy.  A weekly (at least) deep clean is pretty much necessary at mi casa.  Everything has it's own little home, and when everything gets put away in it's right spot, the world is good again.

Also, take your shoes off when you come to my house.  I can't stand it when everyone else has no shoes on and people feel the need to not take theirs off.  I mean, how do you make it more clear aside from making a sign?  Who does that?  If the hostess is in their stockin' feet, you should be too!  Sorry, had to vent about that.  It's pretty much one of my biggest peeves.

Back to the Challenge...
7)  I love to hate sea bass.  It just grosses me out.  I've never eaten it, and I love fish, but for some reason Chilean Sea Bass just sounds like it would be nasty.

8)  I love makeup!  I try just about every drug store level product that comes out, just to find that perfect eye liner or shade of lipstick.

9)  I love being outside.  The feeling of being so small against something so big just amazes me every time.  The smells, the sounds, the textures, everything. 

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