Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eating Better for ME (or you)

There's a GIVEAWAY going on over at Katie's site
for LARABARS (Yum!) that I am totally into at the moment!

My weight has always been a struggle for me, ever since I was young.  Terrible portion control, always feeling hungry, etc. all lead to me not being the best me.  In September 2010 I was dianosed with severe IBS (gross, I know) which isn't really a big deal, just inconvenient.  The Dr's. decided that maybe it was "strange" things I was eating because I couldn't pin-point one food item that triggered my attacks.  I began to change the way I eat and cut out most all of the mono-this and tri-thats.  If I couldn't pronounce it on the nutrition label, or knew it was a preservative or artifical color/flavor, I wouldn't buy it.  Although I occassionaly eat these items (either out to dinner, or if someone else cooks), my IBS went from attacking 3 times a week to almost never.

In January of 2011, I began adding exercise into my already healthy eating regime.  In these last 8 months I have lost over 20lbs, to achieve a weight that is right where Dr's. want me to be.  With the help of LARABARs, Lunabars, ZonePerfect bars, VitaMuffins, tons of complete proteins, whole grains and lots of fruits of and veggies, I am always full but my waistline is shrinking.  We leave a bowl full of nutrition bars on the counter in our kitchen.  They are always there in case there isn't time for a full cooked meal.  Paired with a fruit or vegetable, it's a meal in a pinch.

As someone who is now in the best shape of her life, I can 100% say that the old adage of "You Are What You Eat" is so true.  Fill your body with GOOD, HEALTHY, and WHOLESOME food and that is how you will feel.

Check out Katie's site for more information on the LARABAR giveaway and how you can enter.  She has teamed up with LARABAR to give away a 4 pack (that's right, read it, a 4 pack, not just 1) of a new or favorite flavor of these super nutritions and clean bars.  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!


  1. thanks for blogging about this! I really enjoyed reading your story..thanks so much for sharing it. You are so inspiring!

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  3. you're right. you are what you eat.
    i've been trying to eat healthier & be more active as well.
    it's amazing what it can do for you!