Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whoops... (so I skipped a few days)!

8 fears huh? hmmm...

1)  I am afraid of snakes, that's an easy one.

2)  I am afraid of being alone.

3)  Sometimes I am afraid to be myself (I'm very self-conscious, it's lame I know)

4)  I am afraid to lose my family members

5)  I am afraid when my husband is gone over night.  For example, he was away last fall for a lot of campaign for (he's in the political field) and every noise I heard in the house woke me up and made me nervous.  I think I checked the locks a dozen times those nights.

6)  I am afraid that I won't be a good mommy.  Being one scares the ba-jeebus about of me, but I wan't a babe real bad.

7)  I am afraid of messing up at work.

8)  I am afraid of bugs.  Not really if I can see it and observe it at my own leisure, but when it attacks me or lands on me or crawls on me uninvited... not cool.

Do you have any silly, justified, or irrational fears?

Hope you have a "scarefree" day!

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