Monday, August 1, 2011

Lake Erie and Banana Pudding

This weekend was a ton of FuN!  Why might you ask???

1) Got to sew with Mom, mastered the art of curtaining (not a would I assume) after making valences for Lake House.  Also played Bob Vila for a bit, hanging blinds.

2) Rode the Jet-skis, then thought, that wake boaring stuff doesn't seem too hard, "I think I'll try". Bawahahahahahaha! What a joke. I not only mastered the art of curtaining, but I also mastered the art of face planting. I'm pretty much a pro now.  No one even got a shot with the camera, I bombed too soon each time.  If I ever manage to do it, I'll get shots.  Maybe next time?

3) Made some Naner Pudding... Ohh, sweet naner pudding... Hadn't had it since Mom made it when I was a kid.
And Soooo EASY!  The above photo is from Food Network (of course it looks way fancier than mine did in a pie plate (that's all I could find at the Lake to make it in!) plus, mine got gobbled up before anyone had a chance to get a picture of it. Boo.  Oh, and I don't use the cool whip.  What is more simple than...

1 pkg SF (sugar free for all you dieters like me) Vanilla Pudding
-made to box directions
1 Box of RF (reduced fat.. I know, I know) Vanilla Wafers
-1 layer for the bottom, other layers crushed (or whole, who cares!)
About 3 bananas, sliced

Super quick, super easy, super yummy... layer it all up like a parfait, done! Enjoy!


  1. LOL - sorry about the wake boarding, it's super hard! I love jet skiing myself, and if I lived on the water I would be doing it every day! At least you had a gorgeous banana pudding after! I'm jealous over here! And I love your photo on your blog, your haircut is TO DIE FOR! Loving it!

    I love your site, and hope that you will stop by mine, The Internet Garbage, and check it out! We have a lot of cool music and concert photos up, so I hope that you will like it!